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Friday, November 04, 2005

MultiBlogging Techniques Review Part III - Using Your Own Blog Search Feature

One of the things that you may find happening after you've written 40 or 50 posts to a single blog is that you lose track of what you have written. I have a number of blogs for which I'm having trouble remembering what I have or haven't written.

I track my blogs in a number of ways, as a redundancy check, including a word processor file listing posted and not-posted entry titles, a spreadsheet listing posted entry titles by day and blog, and the built-in folder feature of Zoundry's BlogWriter blogging client software. That's in addition to any handwritten notes I may have listing posts for the future.

However, these are methods that I've been using more recently. I have numerous older posts that I didn't bother tracking, or just didn't find the time to. So what to do? Simple. Search for them. Use your own blog's search feature to find a certain keyword or phrase.

In fact, I recommend using "search" as it puts you into the role of a reader. How are they searching for you? After you use your own search feature, go straight to one of the search engines (or all of them), and search for your posts using the same terms and phrases. How are you ranking?

Whether you find your posts via your own blog's search feature or on a search engine, you now have a bird's eye view of what you've already written. Are there any related topics that you haven't covered? I find this method a great way to make sure I'm covering all the angles of a topic in my blogs. If you do this, too, just make sure that if you are using your own blog's Google Search, that you don't click on the advertiser links on the results pages.

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