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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Professional Blogging - A Review Part II - Time Is One Your Side

(This is part II. Here is part I.)

Essentially, if you want to eventually succeed in blogging, you have to love writing, have to want to do it, regardless of how you feel about your current writing and incoming traffic. If you write often and regularly, preferably daily, your writing will improve - provided you follow the time-honoured processes of becoming a better writer. But without the passion, that's all unlikely.

As for traffic, all of my research to date suggests that achieving a "critical mass" of content will make the difference in receiving search engine referrals. Of course, you can a lead a horse to a search engine results page, but you can't make him click. So use descriptive post/article titles, and if at all possible, use the title to form the page's filename. (This is automatic in many blogging platforms.)

Substantial traffic does take time. I've been tracking my multiple blogs' statistics as a whole and my overall traffic is in fact steadily rising. Of course, I have conscientiously been employing a number of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, in addition to writing numerous posts daily - well, most of the time anyway. [And when I'm sure that what I'm doing pays off, I'll blog about it.]

The rise in my traffic does in fact match what proven, historical statistical techniques suggest is the typical behaviour of natural, human-related phenomena. Many studies have been done in analyzing human traffic in business. The graphs of these studies are comparable to the graphs I've been getting. I'm at the early stages of the behavioural patterns, and the rest is supposedly mathematically predictable. All this is substantial validation and thus motivation for continuing. Analyse your blog traffic and see where you are at. (More details in an upcoming post.) This analytical feedback could fuel your passion for blogging, once you see that it's simply a matter of time before your blog starts to accumulate serious traffic.

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