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Friday, October 21, 2005

Changing Blogging Platforms From Blogger.com To WordPress

It's one thing to move your blog from one domain to another - a relatively easy process that I'll be covering soon in a mini-series of posts - and quite another to change blogging platforms altogether. In trying to merge my 4 cooking blogs into a single WordPress blog, I discovered that little tiny things can trip you up and cause you to waste a few days of frustration.

Let me clarify. About a month ago, I set up several WordPress blogs, both on my laptop locally, as well as live on my Chameleon Integration domain. I had no problems with WordPress whatsoever. In fact, I loved it so much, I had serious plans to move many of clusters of blogs to WordPress (using topic categories to distinguish posts). So why did I have such a problem on my new Curry Elvis domain?

Well, it boiled down to the fact that the Chameleon Integration domain uses one host internet host provider (Experthost.com) and the second domain uses another (GoDaddy.com). Each domain uses a Linux server, but they're configured differently - which I have no control over. What really is an incredibly simple process in general, became a nuisance for the Curry Elvis domain because of the way FTP (File Transfer Protocol) path is defined.

Due to internet connection problems, I already wasted a whole day trying to FTP my files up to my webserver. I also wasted a few hours today monkeying around with the Curry Elvis WordPress blog configuration until I finally got frustrated and did what my instincts told me would work. Voila. It worked.

Now all I have to do is spend some time tweaking the page template colours, inserting links and ads, and generally making sure that it all works. Doing this in WordPress is generally as simple as doing it in, say, a platform like Blogger.com.

In summary, of all the free blog-based CMS (Content Management System) packages I've properly evaluated this year, WordPress is the simplest to install and one of the most sophisticated in terms of available plugins. The setup really only took me less than a minute, once I uploaded all of the WordPress directories and files to my web server.

It's also generally easy to change the look and feel, as there are dozens of templates available free. In WordPress, you just select the template you want, view it, then save the settings. Then you can go into the template files and tweak the CSS and/or HTML code to customize the look of your blog. [If you feel intimidated, just go slow and change a few settings at a time until you're happy with your customization.]

If you're planning to setup WordPress on your own domain, you will at least need to know how to use FTP software and know how to interpret the FTP path for your domain so that you don't run into the same problems I did - or at least so you'll know how to fix it. Alternately, you might consider a hosting plan that offers WordPress already set up on your domain.

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