Saturday, September 16, 2006 

I Moved The URL

I'm unfortunately forgetful, and it appears that it took me nearly a year to post this, but this URL moved twice since the last post. BlogSpinner V2.0, BlogSpinnerV3.0. The latter is the latest version and is a WordPress blog. The theme looks okay some computer screens and purple on others. I plan to change the theme when I have some time, so forgive me until then. Anyway, if you found articles on this site that you liked, you really should read the later editions of this site, especially 3.0 (the latest), as I have more articles about earning a living as a blogger (now that I'm actually doing it).


BlogSpinner-X serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it houses the original version of my Blogspinner blog, and contains the full-text of my older entries. Secondly, the more recent entries are excerpts of the full-text entries posted over on Blogspinner V2.0. In other words, the "X" stands for "eXcerpt".

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I'm a geek/ philosopher/ composer/ artist/ cook/ web programmer/ consultant/ photographer/ blah-blah-blah who is also a published writer and author. This is one of several blogs that I write.

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