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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Page Rank Changes - Did Your Google Page Rank Change?

For months, I've been researching madly and trying to improve my websites and blogs in the hopes that at least one of them would achieve some sort of Google page rank. Well, Google recently updated pagerank on their database of websites, and I guess I lucked out. Almost all of my blogs and websites (except the newest ones, which I'm still working on) received a PR of between 3 and 5 (compared to no rank at all).

Now you'd think I'd be happy with this, but nooooooooo (apologies to comedian Steve Martin). I'm actually confused and now quite anxious because I feel like a fraud. Sorry but I know that some of my blogs just don't deserve the page rank. Seriously. They've only got a few posts because I started too many blogs all at once and couldn't maintain them all. I'm trying to remedy this situation by merging many of my blogs - not only to facilitate better management on my part, but to make it easier for readers to find related information. (The fragmentation of related blogs occurred because I didn't want to install a blogging platform like WordPress simply because it requires multiple installs for multiple blogs.)

To make a long story short, I'm only happy with getting a nice PR5 for this blog, BlogSpinner, and a PR4 for my main website, http://www.chameleonintegration.com, as that latter is the "hub" of my web operations. I've worked hard on BlogSpinner, trying improving my writing and my topic/content. It's paid off and garnered me a few solid links from high PR sites (thanks to all, I'll return the favor in an appropriate manner). I suspect that BlogSpinner's page rank is the primary reason for the page ranks on my other blogs and on my main site: get one good page-ranked site linked to other sites of yours, and it's like a domino effect.

For my Chameleon Integration site, while I have numerous articles sketched out for the site, I have a lack of content there and need to get on the ball if I am to maintain my page rank. So while I'm happy with the (largely undeserved) page rank, there's no resting on my laurels. Now I just have to see if I can get by on less than the 3-5 hours of sleep daily that I'm getting lately :D

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