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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brief Review of Qumana Blogging Client and AdGenta Ad Network

After reading Darren Rowse's post about the new Qumana blogging client and AdGenta ad network, I thought I'd give them a try. This is only a very brief review which expresses my initial impressions, and supplements what Darren's post says. (He's not using either Qumana or AdGenta, for his own reasons).

Right off the bat, I found Qumana's tour clear and easy to navigate through. Sometimes, but not always, that's an indicator that the software is also easy to use. So I downloaded the software, but waited to use it until after I was approved for AdGenta. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed to say that I'm not impressed with either the software or the ad network.

AdGenta has a shortage of ads for many of the topics I blog about. And I found using the Qumana blogging client to be extremely frustrating, particularly when it came to trying to set up the ads with my own keywords, then trying to change unsatisfactory ads. I'm still a big fan of Zoundry's (free) Blog Writer blogging client, and doubt I'll change from that client for any software with less features.

However, I always believe in trying out new software and websites several times in the hopes that my initial assessment was mistaken. I'm going to set up one specific blog (with real content) just for testing Qumana and AdGenta, and will report on it again later. I'm just not yet sure what blog to set up, so it might be a while yet.

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