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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Best Laid (Blog) Plans Often Go Awry - Plan To Write But Write Your Plan

Okay, I lied. Last Monday, I posted that I was no longer planning to blog on Sundays because I needed some down time and time to catch up on writing instead of chasing my tail. Well, I lied. Yesterday (Saturday) is usually a half-blogging day, in the evenings, because of my daytime work shift. But I ended up having to work 13 hrs straight without a break because someone was ill. And I had my blogging all planned, too.

You know the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"? Well, that's my point. The fact is that while I'll plan out several posts for my many blogs, I often find them supplanted by fresher ideas that are more appropriate at the time. The result is that I may never get to some of the posts. In my spreadsheet grid, I find that I keep moving many of my notes from their currently slotted day to a couple of days in the future. And I'm doing this an awful lot. If you do this, too, don't toss out the post. With the cycles that are a part of life, the post may become relevant again in the future.

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