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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hook Me Up - Linking To Your Old Posts - A Generosity Towards Newer Readers and Another Way to Generate AdSense Revenue

If you blog regularly and choose appropriate titles for your posts, you'll find that with persistence, you'll start to build a collection of readers. If you write about a narrow range of topics, or even one topic, eventually you'll have posts that are similar to previous. Don't rewrite your old posts. Instead, expand upon them by first linking to them. It gives newer readers a chance to see some of your "historical" content. And that's good for all kinds of reasons:

(1) Saves you time not having to rewrite something.
(2) Being able to refer readers to previous content means you can assume a certain level of understanding. This in turn means that you can write more concisely in later posts. Otherwise you end up with long-winded posts (like many of my early entries in this blog and others). Instead, you can write a series of posts, not worrying that readers will have missed previous installments. (Make it clear that they should read such and such a post before continuing.)
(3) Educate readers with additional material
(4) If you're keeping track of blog readership statistics, referring readers to old posts boosts up the total page views.
(5) The last item also means more ad views, if you're running them, and the possibility that the reader will use your search box, which if it's Google AdSense for Search, will provide context-sensitive advertising that may bring in additional per-click revenue.

So more page views may mean more ad revenue, which in turn allows you to be pragmatic about low readership during the infancy of your blog. More pragmatism usually means less stress. You get the picture.

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