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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Are You Experienced Pt II - More on Combining Blog Posts With PDF Tutorials and Whitepapers - A Cautionary Tale

In a previous post, I talked about combining your blog posts with PDF tutorials and whitepapers. This is a suggested way of offering your readers indepth information, but only if they want it. If you do combine posts, however, here is a caution that I've learned the hard way.

My suggestion is that you write the entire article first, then decide how you want to slice it up. You may want to have one blog post summary and a PDF file, or several blog posts, or some other combination. In some of my tech blogs, I am tracking visitors to my blogsites, website, and RSS feeds. There is so much information to convey for this topic, that I've actually split the entire "article" up into numerous posts over 6 blogs and a yet to be determined number of PDF files that contain diagrams and programming code. This is a hard enough series to manage, but I've made it even harder by not sketch out my entire frame of reference and then deciding how to divide up the sub-topics. It's a mistake that I've yet to figure out how to rectify.

The net result is that several of the blogs had initially high readership but have trickled down next to nothing because I can't figure out how to split up some mini-articles. Live and learn, I guess. So, to summarize, if you decide to blog about a complex topic, sketch out your ideas beforehand, then decide how you'll divide the related topics up: over several posts? In supplemental PDF tutorials or white papers? A combination of both? Whatever you do, plan, plan, plan.

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