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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogging For Relief and an Update on Zoundry Blog Writer

In a recent posting, I mentioned how I use Zoundry Blog Writer to manage my multiple blogs. Lawrence Lee, co-founder and President of Zoundry, has just let me know that Blog Writer is in fact free for lite and full versions. With the full version, you can manage multiple blogs, multiple accounts, and multiple blog platforms including Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, WordPress and more. I downloaded and installed the full version last night. Am I ever happy I did. With the ability to manage all of my blog accounts from a single application, I actually seem to get work done faster - and it's easier.

One very cool feature: Blog Writer makes it very easy for you to set up product links through their Zoundry Service. Get an account with them, and then use Blog Writer to automatically search for AND insert product ids from various merchants, including Amazon.com, Buy.com, eBags.com, Ritz Camera, and more. Zoundry manages your affiliate account and charges a sliding commission, depending on how much you earn. (They start at 30%, then go down.) The commission money they earn helps pay for the development and maintenance of Blog Writer.

I tried Blog Writer's "create product link" software feature and it really does make it incredibly easy to link to various products from multiple merchants. Try it, and you'll see how much time it would save you. You can also add an image of the product, if it is available, which is positioned strategically on your blog page using CSS. So if you write a blog where you do a lot of reviews or suggest products, it's worth checking out the Zoundry feature. (This includes, believe it or not, kitchen products, camera equipment, and more). The only drawback is that the Zoundry Service is in beta and is thus only available to U.S. residents.

Zoundry is currently allowing everyone with a Zoundry Service account to divert their product link earnings to go to the Katrina relief effort, simply by using a special code. If you prefer, you can choose several other charities, including American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Children's Defense Fund. As Zoundry says on their pages, however, you cannot claim such earnings as a tax deduction. If you need to do that, donate the money after you are paid by Zoundry for products that your blog readers purchase using your Blog Writer-placed product links.

Oh, and if you can't tell from this posting, Blog Writer makes it easy to set up links to other sites.

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