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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tools of the Trade or Stationery Fetishists Anonymous

Hi. My name is Raj, and I have a problem. I'm addicted to stationery: pens, pencils, plastic shape-drawing-thingees, paper, but most especially sketchbooks. The blank pages of a sketch just make me salivate with anticipation of what I can document there. Now, mind you, there's nothing wrong with buying sketchbooks. Except that I have a stack of bound sketchbooks and notebooks literally about 3 ft high. With only half the pages used in many of them. If sketch books are on sale, I can't resist. In fact, I bought 4 today, with the smallest one (3" x 4") pictured above, beside my optical mouse. It's got an elastic band to keep the book closed, and a cloth bookmark. Truly unnecessary, but cool nonetheless.

Truth is, though, this littlest one is great to write and sketch in while commuting (preferably while you are NOT driving). I ride the bus a lot, so I can record my thoughts before they slip away. I can also use a single page to list some blog post ideas for each day. If I do this on a larger page, I tend not to write anything else on the page, thus not making efficient use of the sketch book. More to the point, writing/drawing in a sketch book this small makes me feel like I've done a lot of work since the page is filled. And sometimes that's all you need to spur you onto to more writing.

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