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Friday, September 02, 2005

Thought Management - Keeping Track of Your Unfinshed Posts

I just spent the last hour backing up the blog entries from all my blogs. As a result, I discovered that I have approximately 30 incomplete posts for several blogs. Some have been lying dormant for as long as 3 weeks, some just a few days. It's not hard to forget about unfinished business when you write multiple blogs. So what do I do to keep track of which posts need editing? There are a couple of techniques I use.

(1) While I generally enjoy using a number of different software tools to write my blogs, I found a cool tool called Zoundry Blog Writer. My copy is only Version 0.9, but its simplicity is what I love. Even though it can interface with Blogger.com, I use it only for writing and organizing. (The free version can only interface with one Blogger account at a time.) The tool is split into two window panes. On the left is an MS-WindowsExplorer-like interface (tree/folder/file structure). One folder shows unpublished posts. The second folder specifies your Blogger account name and contains the names of you blogs. I use the "unpublished" folder to write new entries for all of my blogs.

To write an entry, click on the "New Blog Entry" button. Then in the right-hand window pane, enter the post title and the content. When you save the entry, Blog Writer saves it by title and displays it as an item in the "unpublished" folder. So you don't need to go searching your hard drive for the entry. Very simple.

(2) Another technique that I use to manage unfinished entries applies whether I use Blog Writer or MS-Word or something else. I give each entry a three part title. Example:

UNFINISHED - BlogSpinner - Thought Management - Keeping Track of Your Unfinshed Posts

The first part tells me the status of the blog entry. The second part tells me the title of the Blog. The third part is the actual title of the blog entry. You may not need the second part if you are saving your entries to separate files, in different folders for each blog. Nevertheless, using this technique helps me see at a glance which posts are finished and which need work. I use the status codes UNFINISHED, UNPUBLISHED, and POSTED. The first code means the piece still needs some writing. The second code means that the piece has been written but either needs editing or some reference checks, or both. The last code is obvious. Now excuse me while I change the status code on this post :D

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I'm glad that you like our Blog Writer. I like your draft management technique - it's a nice way to further organize the unpublished folder. BTW, both versions of our Blog Writer (full and lite) are free, so you should feel free to download and install the full Blog Writer so you can manage multiple blogs at multiple blog servers. (The install/update process will keep all of your account settings and saved posts.)

We encourage users of the full Blog Writer to sign up for a service account so we can both earn money from affiliate commissions (and so we can continue to develop the Blog Writer!) But it's not required and we're happy to have users try out both versions for free and give us feedback during our beta period.

Hi Lawrence,

I did not realize that the full version was free. I thought that it was a priced upgrade. Thanks for the info. I'll mention what you've said in a future post, in case readers don't see your comment.


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