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Thursday, September 01, 2005

You Say You Want A Revolution - Are Blogs the Evolution of Current Media?

(Note: I actually wrote this entry before my previous one on CMSes but simply forgot to post it.)

When Johannes Gutenberg (aka Johann Gensfleisch) invented his printing press circa 1455, he revolutionized the storage of information, of human history. Now while the Chinese already had a form of printing with blocks, Gutenberg improved upon it, allowing for bulk printing, thus the ability to reach more people in a shorter period of time.

Along the timeline of history, other forms of technology that have revolutionized media include newspapers (visual, still), radio (auditory), movies and TV (visual, animated), and the Internet (all of the above). But while the Internet may have made leaps and bounds ahead of TV, the closest Internet technology analogous to Gutenberg's press is a CMS (Content Management System).

There's much to be said for the free blog hosting that several sites offer, but if you feel like striking out, so to speak, on your own web server to gain the extras that go with it (a database, ability to run customized webscripts, extensive easy-to-change Blog "skins"), you need a nice CMS package. While I applaud all CMS efforts, I like to promote OpenSource. Go visit OpenSource CMS for a brief overview of numerous packages, as well as a demo site dedicated to each. Managing a blog has never been so easy. Take it from me, a programmer with nearly 30 years experience: using one of these packages instead of writing your own leaves you that much more time for blogging.

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