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Friday, August 26, 2005

15 Seconds Of Fame

Late last week, for a brief, fleeting moment (okay, 3 days), my blogs, especially this one, actually got a few visitors. What the blog/rss search engines and directories haven't really done for me, a single link in Darren Rowse's ProBlogger.net blog did. As part of Darren's "31 Days to Building a Better Blog" project, I submitted a link to the blog you're reading, and Darren linked to me the next day. It made a difference in my traffic, but it was all transient.

So the question now is, why isn't anyone coming back? Are they busy reading other posts and just haven't made it back? Do my postings suck? I've got a fair bit of information in my posts. Maybe that's the problem. Many bloggers post several short entries in a given day. I tend to write longer pieces. Or maybe the problem is that my SEO skills are lacking. Well, I've checked the search engines and all my blogs are listed in them. So maybe the problem is that my posts do not have relevant <title> and <h1>, <h2>, etc., values. It could be any number of reasons, but it's most likely that I haven't been consistently posting until very recently.

Whatever the case, I'm in this for the long haul. I love writing, and I'll continue blogging. I have three professional blogs about the RSS technology almost ready to launch over at MarketingStudies.net, and I've got my web-tentactles into possibly a few more. The ultra-successful bloggers we keep reading about (and likely visiting) have put a lot of effort in to geting where they are. The success doesn't happen in a few weeks. Andy Warhol once said that "everyone gets their 15 seconds of fame" (yes, seconds, not minutes). I don't believe that I've had my 15 seconds just yet. Einstein once said something to the effect that "genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

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Well, I came back, a little late admittedly. Like you, I have such a long list of blogs to visit that I can't get round all of them every day.

I don't think your posts are too long, in fact, I find them very interesting (although sometimes you're talking right on the boundaries of my knowledge - I'm not a programmer). You also write very well, as I mentioned before, so I can only imagine that people aren't impressed with the standard Blogger template. Perhaps they expect every programmer to have web designing skills as well.

Oh, and one more little secret for turning visitors into regulars - answer any comments you get. ;)

Excellent advice, gone away! As I suspected, I've been a bit too technical in some of my posts. The idea was to introduce some of the tech aspects of blogspinning to bloggers, but I'll have to rethink my approach. Thanks for the extremely helpful insight :)

Don't get me wrong - I think you're doing an excellent job of making technical matters accessible to the layman. All you need is a greater readership. How to get that? There are mathods like traffic exchanges but they are very hit-and-miss. You really need to be targeting your blog at a more serious audience than found in the traffic exchanges, people who are prepared to read long articles because they want to learn. At the risk of sounding like a spammer, I recommend that you have a look at the Writers Blog Alliance. We don't just cater to writers and have business experts, web developers and others amongst our membership. Have a look at it:


Once again, excellent advice. I am, in fact, already a member of the Writers Blog Alliance. I have not take advantage of the opportunity to post anything, but I should. Anyone who is reading this comment should consider joining, if you're a serious blogger and want to communicate with other serious blog writers.

I noticed, as well, that using the new Pingoat (http://www.pingoat.com) blog pinging service, I seem to get a good response almost immediately. That's not to say I don't get a response by using pingomatic.com, but it hasn't been working the last few days.


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