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Friday, July 29, 2005


Two of the hottest growing trends on the Internet right now are "blogging" and "RSS". If you are reading this, you already have an idea of what blogging is about. (Please see http://rssmarketer.blogspot.com for a blog about RSS.) The word "blog" is short for "weblog" and originally referred to the electronic diaries that some people posted on the Internet a few years back. Now, many businesses are using blogs to discuss topics either directly or peripherally related to their business.

What's the common factor, then, between personal and business blogs? Well, it's supposed to be the tone of voice in the writing. A blog, since it is a sort of electronic diary, has a very personal, one-on-one tone of voice. This is speculation, but the personal tone of voice may be the reason blogs have become so popular over the last 6 years. Further speculation would suggest that not maintaining a personal tone of voice in a blog means readers are unlikely to return. As well, not adding frequent new entries will not only have an adverse effect on the number of new readers, but with some Blog/RSS search engines, your relevancy goes down steadily.

So what do you blog about? Unless you are blogging for dollars, blog about whatever you like, whatever you know or want to learn about. Blog about whatever you feel most comfortable and confident writing about. This will show through in your writing. If you are not confident about whatever you are writing, you might as well not bother blogging. Choose a topic you enjoy and either know a fair bit about or are learning about.

How often do you post? Where should you host your blog? What do you do when you get writer's block and can't think of anything to write? When do you learn to call it quits with a blog? This blog about blogging attempts to answer these questions in an unstructured manner. I may not get to the answers for all of these questions right away, but I'll get to them eventually. Feel free to post comments and ask questions.

Happy blogging,

the chameleon

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