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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Life Goes On/ Blogging About Disease

Sorry. I just had to get writing about Hurricane Katrina out of my system. But life does go on, and as a full-time deluded writer, I write both because I want to and because I have to. The fact is, seeing the damage of Katrina made me think that New Orleans looked like a Third World country after a similar devastation. I have lost family members to various types of storms - two uncles in the past 6 years. But that's not what Katrina made me think about. It made me think about disease and its possible spread.

As part of a personal mission, I donate some Internet-related consulting time to help charitable organizations. Several bloggers are blogging about stopping poverty. I am managing one blog about poverty and another about the Avian Flu, which might turn into a Pandemic which could decimate huge populations around the world, not just countries like China. If you are looking for causes to blog about, the Avian Flu is an important one. While blogging about wiping out poverty is highly honorable, if our populations are decimated by Avian Flu, poverty won't be the only thing on our minds. (We are in the process of moving the BirdPandemic blog to hosting on my server, so I have not provided a link just yet.)

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