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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mad Skills of An Addicted Blogger

A friend of mine recently turned 54. E is the quietest person I have ever known. By his own admission, however, he's pretty caustic when it comes to pointing out bad working conditions to his boss. But nevertheless, E is otherwise quiet and likes his privacy. To this day, he doesn't have an answering machine and doesn't plan on getting one. Need I mention that he doesn't have a computer, let alone access to the Internet, aside from the email he gets at work?

He's a quiet guy who works 7 days a week. I'm not kidding. I've known him for a year and a half, and he's never skipped a day. Although he only uses Sunday to do some filing and prep for Monday. He's in shipping and receiving and is rarely on his computer. Lately, he's been saying how he's worried about losing his job, a concern that many have these days. But he feels particularly threatened, not having even a complete high school education, and only knowing the very basics of computers (email, wordprocessor, and some mainframe computer packages). I've repeatedly suggested to him to get a computer with Internet access. My agenda is that maybe he can start blogging, then realize he has more skills than he thinks. But it's tough to convince him of anything. He barely watches TV, certainly no movies, hardly listens to music, and doesn't even really cook anymore.

What does that leave him to blog about? The fact is, E, when he does talk at all, talks about times past. Not really in a longing fashion, but sometimes almost as if he's still in that era. But he gave up cool cars and photography a very long time ago, before his mother fell ill. Since her passing, he's acquired diabetes. I have borderline symptoms myself, possibly having inherited it from my maternal grandfather, so I know that it's a painful disease. There's a lot he could, in fact, write about. Life experiences with illness, the passing of his mother and her illness, stories of his family. The experiences of a man constantly in fear of losing his job. The truth is, you don't have to have mad skills to blog. Find something that you are passionately interested in, then give the blogosphere your angle on that topic.

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