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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Talk, Talk, It's Only Talk - Or Why I Multi-Blog

For me, writing has always come easy. Writing well, on the other hand, has been a much longer journey - a road I'm still travelling. Gone Away, a very eloquent blogger, suggested by way of a comment on one my posts, that some of my posts test the boundaries of his technical knowledge. While it's true that I've covered technical topics related to blogging, it was my intent to present such topics to non-technical people. I realize in retrospect that my posts are occasionally more technical than I would have liked. My intent has and will be to balance this blog with writing philosophy as well as discussions of blogging software, tools, and general aspects of managing your blogs.

However, I realize, too, that I am in fact a verbose person at times. It shows in my writing. I'm the kind of writer that will be writing 800-pg novels because I love to decribe situations or scenes. My writing is usually edited mercilessly, and my blogs are usually no exception. However, in trying to achieve a loose, one-on-one feel, I sometimes get carried away and post with minimal editing. In such posts, I am the digital equivalent of a chatterbox, something I've long been known for.

I remember, when I was a wee lad, I was affectionately give a nickname which, in my mother tongue, means "talkative one". I loved telling stories to anyone who would listen. I talked constantly. In my preteens, my father used to say, "I wish you were a radio because then I could shut you off once in a while." Later, in university and a few years beyond, friends use to challenge me to see if I could keep quiet for 5 minutes. They would take bets with each other on how long I'd stay quiet. I never made it to 5 minutes. I'm a born storyteller. That's why I write so many different blogs. Multi-blogging is the most ideal endeavour for those of us that love to tell stories, to share our experiences. Because one blog is never enough to express our souls.

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