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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Writing School of Life

It's an undeniable fact that the more experiences you've had in life, the more you can potentially write about. Actors talk about "method acting", which they do by immersing themselves in a character before filming begins. They literally do nearly everything their character would supposedly do: the food they eat, the way they walk, talk, and react to life. Writers like the recently-deceased (he shot himself), self-professed gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, may he finally rest in peace, are method writers.

Whether Thompson did the wild things he did on purpose, so that he could write about it, or whether he just lived life they way he wanted, the result is that he knew what he was writing about, was intimate with the details. That doesn't mean that to have a blog about, say, weird deaths, that you have to either experience death or commit murder. The old saw about writing what you know doesn't mean that you cannot choose a topic that you don't know about right now. It simply means that you must get to know your subject and topic. Talk to the appropriate people, live through some experiences, as appropriate - essentially, learn everything you can.

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