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Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Blog Pinger, Blog Directory, and Visitor Tracking Service - BlogFlux

Since most readers of this blog aren't readers of my GeoPlotting blog, I'm sort of repeating something that I wrote over there yesterday about BlogFlux.

BlogFlux is a multi-service site that has a pinging service, a blog directory, a button maker, and more. I haven't tried their pinger because Pingoat not only has more services to ping, but it's blindingly fast. The BlogFlux tool I like is their MapStats. MapStats is similar to gVisit, but also has referring pages, and graphical breakdowns of visitor data.

I've only been using the MapStats service for a few days but I love it. The only thing I don't like is that the Google Map is cleared of visitor icons every day. Being such a visitor-data junkie, it makes me feel like no one has visited my blog. Ever. At least until I scroll down the page and have my choice of day, week, or month breakdowns :) [So how about it, Blogflux team? Have a sliding window of recent visitors, like gVisit does, so the map doesn't look so empty each morning?]

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