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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Are You Experienced? - Using PDF Whitepapers To Supplement Your Blogs

For those of you that blog about topics that earn you a living, your blog is a great opportunity to prove two things to potential employers (or clients, if you're a freelancer):

(1) Your awareness about your field of interest, especially in current events, products, techniques and general industry news.
(2) Your indepth knowledge of specific topics.

Here's a suggestion: If you're writing a "tips" or advice blog with a substantial amount of information in each post, consider shortening your posts to summaries and put the details - especially diagrams and other grahpics - into a PDF file for easy download. (Search engines will still index PDF files, in case you are concerned about less visibility.) Clients and hiring managers will thank you for not forcing them to read lengthy posts online. Make sure you dress up the PDF file a little, to show your professionalism and attention to details.

BTW, a great blog about professional blogging is ProBlogger.

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