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Thursday, September 15, 2005

By The Rivers of Babble-On - Or Blogging In Verbose Mode: Blogging To Write, Teach or Earn?

I know that I'm a talkative person. While I really prefer to listen to other people in a conversation, if you get me started, I'm hard to stop. Which may be the reason I love to write. I write and write. I write on paper. I "write" on my laptop. I even write in my mind, sometimes able to visualize complete short articles in my head. My dreams are full of talking characters. I wake up with words in my head.

I'm a cross-hybrid geek know-it-all who always knows something about everything, and usually overwhelms people that are listening. Apparently I'm much easier to take in print. I can't help myself. I don't know if I'm a writer because I'm curious about almost everything, or if I'm curious because I'm a writer. Which came first? The net result is that I have about 13 relatively active blogs, 3 professional blogs being prepared, two that I'm managing, and two more that I may be managing. It seems that every time I fart, I start a new blog.

In reality, I'm barely making a cent, as my traffic is still building, and the blogs I'll be hosting are for charitable organizations. No one is paying me to blog. Yet. I write because I love to. I have a lot of interests - something my parents taught me to do, bless them - including writing, programming, music, cooking, and more. So there's a lot for me to write about. Some of my blogs are purely an experiment in writing, and have nothing to do with testing whether they'll earn any AdSense revenue. Some of my blogs being prepared in the background are educational, designed to help clients understand Internet technologies. My programming blogs are as much to record my own knowledge as they are to prove some credibility to potential clients. I'm finding that as I get older, if I don't keep my programming skills sharp, I forget computer languages. I've all but forgotten the "C" programming language. And if I can't benefit from my own knowledge, maybe someone else can. I've already designed and co-authored a book on PHP Web Development, but writing a book isn't always all that. Certainly not as relaxing as I find blogging is, since I set my own deadlines.

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