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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Update on Qumana Blogging Client and AdGenta Ad Network

A few days ago, I wrote a brief "first impressions" review (http://blogspinner.blogspot.com/2005/10/brief-review-of-qumana-blogging-client.html) of the new Qumana blogging client and the corresponding ad network. Since then, Arieanna Foley, Senior Blog Marketing Specialist at Qumana contacted me to let me know all the great things they have planned. She's given me permission to excerpt her email to me:

"I can happily report to you that we're going to give you all the features you want!

1. ads. The version 2.0 that came out on the 12th [October 2005] inserted the ad at post time, although you can use the preview tool. We've now improved this so you will see them at insertion. Slightly different methodology, but improves what you were seeing. What you were getting were cached ads, not the live version. Now, the best way to go about getting ads is to use the banner designer (the one shaped like a rectangle button not the dollars and cents one) and preview the ads before you insert them. Simply enter keywords and hit refresh. download the new version and you'll be set.

2. I really suggest using 1 keyword or 1 keyphrase at a time. Multiple keywords are not being handled correctly and end up confusing the system.

3. Choosing keywords is a learning process. Product related and technology related ads are easy to find. If you have an abstract blog, like one on communication, try things that would be technology enhancers to communication - like netmeeting or microsoft or skype. First, start with general words in categories. But, also play with exact product names, as this does produce results. AdGenta has stock for just about every topic, so you'll be set! Playing with keywords, you'll always get the highest performing ad in that keyword to appear.

4. the "new" Qumana which is still hush hush is being built from scratch and will have an elaborate blog manager to show you that draft/published stuff. :)"

Thanks to Arieanna, for the update. Armed with this new knowledge, I have a plan to give both the Qumana blogging client and the AdGenta ad network another go on one of my newer blogs. Even if I decide to stick with Zoundry's (http://www.zoundry.com) Blog Writer blogging client, it appears that the AdGenta ad network is more suitable to my blogs than I thought. (Arieanna provided me with a partial list, which I've not shared here, of some sample ads that matched some of my keywords on the blog I used to evaluate Qumana and AdGenta.)

Arieanna, by the way, is a pro blogger writing close to 20 blogs (on last count) including Blogging Help (http://www.blogginghelp.com/) and a couple of blogs at the new B5 Media (http://www.b5media.com) blog network launched by Mr. ProBlogger.net himself, Darren Rowse, as well as other blogging professionals including Duncan Riley of BlogHerald (http://www.blogherald.com), Jeremy Wright (who has already sold two blogs), and others.

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