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Monday, October 24, 2005

Increasing Your Search Engine Referrals Through Bad Spelling

After writing several posts over the past few months screaming about bad spelling and bad grammar, I'm doing an about face. All evidence in my research to date suggests that enough search engine queries use mispelled words that it's actually worthwhile spelling your keywords incorrectly at least once early in your posts.

Why? Many search engines only index a fragment of a web page. Some index the first few hundred words; others index some words at the beginning of a web page and then some at the end. Each engine varies. But all engines index at least a portion of the start of a we page.

What does that mean? Here's an example. In one of my cooking blogs, I posted an entry that spelled the word "vegetarian" as "vegatarian". I'm usually anal retentive about my spelling and grammar, but this word slipped by me. However, the result wast that I actually received a considerably high percentage of search engine referrals because of it.

This concept also applies to compound words. For example, out of old habit, I often spell "website" as "web site". Similarly, if you use a hyphenated phrase, such as "e-mail", try also using "email", if the hyphenation is appropriate.

The key thing to remember for your blog posts is, don't over do the spelling variations, and make sure it seems natural.

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