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Friday, October 28, 2005

Ning.com - More Tools For Blog and Website Publishers: Building Social Networking Applications

Genius Marc Andreesen, who was credited with the creation of the first Netscape browser, has launched his ning.com, which allows creative types to create social networking software by cloning and tweaking and small selection of "atomic" applications. You simply sign up at ning.com, then request a developer account. It took 3-4 days before I got my account, but I've already started sketching out several applications.

If you have a look on the ning.com website, you'll only see 7 basic starter apps. But honestly, it's all you'll need for starters. When you have a look at each app and understand its underlying structure, you'll see how you can build new apps on top of those simple 7 apps.

Ning.com provides the ground work for some very cool applications that can supplement your blog content. I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I'll write about on one of my blogs when I've got them working. As I am a digital mapping nut, all of my apps are likely to use maps. Keep an eye out in these pages, or my main site, Chameleon Integration Systems, for links to new projects.

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