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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google AdSense E-Book Review

In my quest to be a knowledgeable and successful blogger and online publisher, I've been scouring websites, forums, and e-newsletters about earning advertising revenue - in particular, via Google AdSense. About a month ago, several of the e-newsletters I was subscribing to then strongly suggested Joel Comm's expanded second edition e-book, "What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense: 3 Steps to Higher AdSense Income".

So I forked over US$97, eagerly devoured it, then found myself very disappointed. Let me clarify. Joel's book is actually extremely valuable, full of great information. But his claim that it is an "advanced" book on AdSense is no longer true. It may have been, when the book first came out. But nearly everything in his book - unfortunately for him - has been covered by numerous free e-newsletters. Still, some of his readers, in testimonials, have said that it took them 2 or 3 reads of the ebook to absorb all Joel's tips on about AdSense.

That said, I plan to read his book a couple more times. I did email Joel, saying pretty much what I'm saying here. Aside from his spam-blocking auto-responder emails, he very promptly responded. Here's a brief excerpt:

"I'm sorry you did not derive benefit from the ebook... I look at it this way. If I can find one piece of gold in each resource I purchase, it is worth the investment for me."

I did find one tip, on my first go-round, that I think will be worth the purchase, and which I am currently setting up. What's more, his AdSense forum (http://www.adsensechat.com/) is worth visiting to find out what tips other publishers have.

Joel did offer me a refund, if I didn't think the the book was worth it. However, I feel that, with a bit more digging, and another reading, I should be able to recoup the costs of the book.

In summary, if you are very new to AdSense, or know nothing at all about it, this book is well-organized and will save you the many hours and months of hunting that I did to find a lot of the same information (albeit for free).

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