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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Professional Blogging - A Review Part I - Don't Give Up

(Warning: This post contains alternate musings about topics I've very recently already discussed. There is some overlap. I'm presenting this post in two parts.)

About a month ago, I read a blog in which the blogger decided to throw in the towel after only a few months. In fact, a few bloggers had given up and decided it wasn't worth the time. The unfortunate thing was that these bloggers were good writers with interesting posts.

The great irony about blog ad revenue is that the more information you provide in your posts, quite possibly you reduce the chances of a reader "needing" to click on some of your ads. If you are providing the content they seek, why would they follow outside hyperlinks?

I'm only speculating, but sites with shorter posts that do not provide all the information that readers are looking for might be likely to induce readers to click on links, particularly ad links. I'm hoping this isn't true, as I tend to write longer, hopefully informative posts and loathe publishing a blog site where every post is a summary of someone else's blog post or article.

Keep in mind, though, that if you write such posts, you must balance them with longer, more informative posts - else you run the risk that new readers will not return. (On the other hand, with attention spans being what they are these days, if your visitors don't want to read longer posts, then they may not return either.)

As I've no doubt said numerous times, I have no plans to throw in the towel, regardless of weeks like this one where I missed a few days of posts for technical reasons. I'm also weeks overdue posting to several of my technical blogs, as I'm still reorganizing and redesigning them. But you do what you have to do, in the time that you have available - or else you quit and find something more satisfying to you.

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