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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chitika and AdSense Tips - Sharing the Ad Revenue Wealth

If you're running a web forum or any type of blog or website where more than one person is posting content, here's a handy piece of information. I checked with the AdSense team recently about the legitimacy of having more than one AdSense account's ads on the same website. I've been offered a chance to write three combined blogs about RSS + web content syndication, but no revenue. It's not for a blog network, just a single website. The owner of the site cannot pay me, but offered to let me post myAdSense ads, etc.

I agreed because this site, MarketingStudies.net, is quickly establishing itself as a source of expert information about RSS (Really Simple Syndication). I wanted to position myself as an expert about RSS as well, to supplement the articles on my main consulting site, chameleonintegration.com. Fortunately, the Google AdSense TOS (Terms of Service) allow you to have more than one publisher's account code showing in the ads of a single website.

Addendum: I checked with Michelle of Chitika's Customer Service and they, too, allow mutiple publisher ad codes on the same website.

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