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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

MultiBlogging Techniques Review Part II - Picking the Right Blogging Platform

During my "vacation" a few weeks ago, I sat down and sketched out ideas and notes for nearly 200 posts for close to 20 blogs. I initially had intended to reduce the number of active blogs I was writing from about 16 down to 8-10. Instead, I realized that with the topics I wanted to cover, I actually had to expand out to close to 20 blogs. That's including the amalgamation of several blogs, and the reinstatement of a couple I was going to ditch.

My writing and blogging style is such that I need to plan ahead. I'm actually an obsessive planner. But this year, I finally realized that I can't overplan, or else I get intimidated and abandon my "to do" list. But if I do a long-term general plan and a short-term detailed plan, I find this both manageable and motivating. While I'm writing posts for the short term, I have a reason to work on the next short-term plan.

As part of a plan to keep my blogging manageable, I decided that trying to write and maintain 20 blogs would be futile for a single person and that there must be a better way. Enter a more advanced blogging platform such as WordPress.

Note: I'm not ignoring other platforms; I just happen to like Wordpress and its impressive collection of page templates and advanced plugins, and the ease with which both can be set up. What's more, because of the simplicity of WordPress's design, it's relatively simple to customize templates and, for a programmer like myself, easy to write plugins.

Wordpress, and other advanced blogging platforms, allow categories. If you are writing, or planning to write, several blogs that have some common umbrella topic, you need to pick the right blogging platform. Don't make the mistake I did in setting up all of my early blogs on a platform that does not support post categories.

Having a blogging platform that supports categories means that I can once again fathom managing multiple topics with fewer blog accounts and URLs. What's more, combining multiple related blogs into a single URL may actually increase the amount of ad revenue earned by a blog.

According to a Jensense post about low-converting sites, a site with higher Google AdSense pageview counts will pay more for the exact same clicked ads than a site with lower pageview counts. Combining several blog URLs into one URL generally means a higher collective pageview count.

I've done this with my 4 cooking blogs, combining them into the single Curry Elvis multi-blog. Unfortunately, because the URLs have changed, this means that I have to rebuild my search engine rankings, as well as hope that any regular readers of my older cooking blogs will check out the new site. (I'll soon be posting a small series about moving your blogs around, whether it's from one platform to another, from one URL to another, or both, as well as deciding whether to copy your old content over.)

Oh, and in case you're wondering why blogSpinner is not on WordPress, the new version will be going live on countwordula.com very soon, along with several other writing-related blogs.

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